Thursday, August 19, 2010

Weekly Happenings - Aug. 16, 2010

Mildred and Theresa Davis who are just so awesome and haven't missed a Sunday since we met them.

Canning corn at Sis. Hughes' house!

Leano Book's baptism...the gym was set up for a wedding dinner, so we just used their props for a picture!

We had a sister's meeting in Newport News. These are all the sisters we have! The most in any mission besides visitor centers.

Another week has flown by. Whenever I sit down to write I can never remember what I've done because there's too much to remember. Thank heavens for planners!

One funny quote for this week: We were at a member's house and painted our nails. When it was time to go the 6 year old daughter said the prayer and said "Heavenly Father, if you want to get your nails done, just call us." Haha, it was so funny! Little kids say the best prayers.

There is a gas station that has a sign and each week they post an oxymoron. It's so funny to see what they put. This week it's "Least Favorite". I like it.

So Friday the 13th was not my favorite day this week. We had our weekly planning session that morning, so after lunch I pull out of the driveway and turn the corner and realize that we have a flat tire. What?!?!? We always make fun of the elders because they get so many flats on their bikes. Ooops! I had driven over a huge screw at some point the night before. So we ended up at Pep Boys all afternoon. Luckily it's across from the Target that we never get to go to. We tried to find new investigators, but no takers. Weirdly enough, we didn't have any appointments scheduled, which is really weird for Fridays. We attempted to help change the tire to put the spare on, but our Samoan landlord Sister Book did it.

We have had a couple of really awesome lessons this week. One was with Kat on Monday night. She was a referral from someone in the ward, so we were really excited about it. She knows this other family in the ward too, so we had the lesson at their house. Kat grew up a Lutheran pastor's daughter. She of course had her rebellious period, but those events really helped to realize she wants to be Christian. She really has been prepared for this gospel. It's whether or not she lets herself accept it. We meet with her again tonight, so we'll get to hear more about how she's doing and how her prayers have been going. She is a successful photographer and a pretty lady and she has drive to get things done. So we know that she will try hard to keep her committments. The member whose house it was in shared a really powerful testimony and also shared a great conversion story. She was "raised" on and off in the church, but it wasn't till her husband converted that she really went through her own conversion. Now she is what we like to call in missionary slang, "solid". Kat is really great and she already knew about the reformation! She just didn't understand why it occurred and how we came out of it. Now she does!

We also taught Amy. She is a Navy wife/mom who also does some babysitting on the side. She is crafty and skilled and sells Stampin Up. She also is so prepared for this gospel, but she may not be so great at keeping her committments. We'll see. Her 7 year old turns 8 this week and he is super sporty, but helps his mom craft too. She says he's too young to realize it's a girl thing. She also has a 14 year old. We need more of them in the ward. We need this family! I pray for Amy all the time that she will keep her committments. There is a saying we use here "Committments are the threads through which covenants are woven." If people cannot keep committments, they will not be able to honor their covenants. She is so great and as she comes to know more I think she will just love it! She was so excited throughout our whole lesson and Sis. Kreitzer came with us and was such an asset to the lesson with her experiences and testimony. It was one of the best lessons that I've had on my mission I think. Everything just went well and the Spirit was there and we know she felt it. She is a mom and a wife. She is crafty and fun. She wants to know the truth. She is not yet a Mormon. Have you all seen the profiles on That is where this last part is from. Otherwise it won't be funny to you probably. You should go on and create a profile on then let me know so I can look at it. We can now view!

Erica is still doing well. She came to church again. She has this weird stare that makes me weirded out, so lessons are kind of funny. But she is really progressing and her faith is increasing! Did I tell you about her neighbor down the street yet? She isn't mormon because she isn't baptized but everything about her is mormon. Her circle of friends are all members in VA Beach and her daughter goes to Faith in God and her sons go to mutual activities. She loves gardening and wants to learn to can. Susan is amazing...and she talks a lot. But people in VA do. They like to talk A LOT! She always leaves us red bags filled with Tomatoes (oh goody!) and cookies or brownies on her porch. She said that she's not sure she's ready to have formal lessons yet. I think she knows she will accept it, but maybe not ready to make the change of having to be a part of a church. But I think with her it will be us seeing her regularly and sharing tid bits until she feels more like committing. She is so cool!

Well I hope you all have a great week. I always love hearing from you! In the snail mail too!!!

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