Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm Coming Home February 22nd

Halloween was fun.  We dressed up like elders for the Friday night Trunk or Treat.  We carried our backpacks around and borrowed some ties from a member.  It was funny and everyone guessed what we were.  I think the elders were jealous because they didn't dress up.  Haha.  A lot of the members brought friends and/or relatives that were either less active or not members, so we have a lot of good referrals to follow up on!  This last week was a pretty cool week.

I have decided to come home on February 22nd. I decided that those 6 weeks would be great to stay on the mission, but I think I want to do what Pres. Millburn would suggest and that would be to go home when the prophet originally called me to. Extending would be cool and I would probably have really awesome experiences, but what I can do back home during those 6 weeks will also be very important to me. I want to go to the mission reunion in SLC during General Conference and we also wanted to come back to visit my mission too. I prayed hard about it and asked the Lord to just help me feel good about a decision because I really had no idea. And as I pondered about it I just decided that staying in the mission an extra 6 weeks will cause me to miss out on some other things I really want to do. So that was that and I'll be home in less than 4 months.

Richmond is so pretty! The fall here is so pretty.  The trees are so pretty and they line the streets. The spring is really pretty too. The houses are very historic and a lot of them built in the early 20th century. Lots of history and things to do, but I probably won't do a whole lot of them, so we'll be busy when we come back. Richmond is sooo different than my other areas in so many ways.  There are a lot of professional working people as well as a lot of VCU students. It's a really cool diversity.  I love all of my areas! I really have served in the best areas! 

Sis. Adaniya and I have a lot of fun and we eat really good food. She knows how to cook all the Japanese food, so I am loving life. She is happy to have a companion that appreciates it!

The Branch is so fun and full of returned missionaries. A lot of RM sisters! Because it's small and a lot of people work, we don't really get many opportunities for them to come out with us...yet. I am all about doing what we need to so we can have member involvement. There is a much higher success rate in retention when members are involved. So we are going to try and start working on refining that and in the process seeking for referrals. I don't think referrals will be a problem coming from this Branch. I am back having 7 missionaries in one ward/branch. We also serve with the zone leaders and they are a trio and we have this new proselyting senior couple in the branch too. The Naylors! The first thing they say to me is Christy says hi. I was so confused until he said he was from Ephraim. I guess he is the neighbor of Christy's parents there in Ephraim. Haha, how cool! What a small world!

Last week was a test of our faith for sure. We set a goal to find 9 new investigators and when we went out Saturday morning we still had a big fat 0. We kept our spirits up all week as much as we could and knew the Lord inspired our goal of 9 new investigators. All of our lessons cancelled on Saturday, so by the time it was time to leave the house Saturday morning, we were just really enthused for the day. Yes, sort of sarcastic. We knew the Lord would provide us with the Spirit to show us what to do and we prayed for angels to help the people we met feel the Spirit. So at the end of the day, the Lord blessed us with 9 new investigators! And it was so awesome! I am out of time, so I cannot really finish explaining my story. Just know the Lord answers prayers and will alway give us ways to strenghten our faith!

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