Monday, September 21, 2009

1st Email Sent from Katy

Neely again. I just received this email from Katy. Please note: You can send her emails from I think she actually prefers that, as she can get them right away (if it's sent before noon, otherwise it's the next day). All you need is the info for her box (below post) and etc. I just sent her a letter, hopefully I did it right. So, for your reading pleasure:

I am alive! Sorry you haven't heard from me yet. P-Day isn't until Monday. Things have been so busy! They told us to write a letter the first night we got in, but I just barely sent it, so sorry! I think I wrote a p.s. that said I sent it late, but that date is wrong.

Tell everyone you know about That is how all of my friends and you guys if you to should plan to write me during my MTC stay. I'm not sure how it works when I'm in the field though. But you send a free email to and they print it out and deliver it to the MTC the same day. That way I get your letter right away. You can also request packages be sent too. Once I get in the field, my MP will let me know who can email me, but for now tell my friends to use

I've only been here 5 days, but I feel like I have been here forever. All of the days are mushed together and we are always so busy. But it's so good. I've learned so much and have a lot of new insight on things. I pray all the time and just can't find enough time to read PMG and my Book of Mormon. It's awesome to feel like this and I can already see why it's hard for missionaries when they get home to not be a missionary. You really do feel different as a missionary. I always pray for the strength to wake up in the morning and feel refreshed and for help to stay awake in class. Class is so different when I'm awake. I guess I should have tried that in school. Haha! I'll have to write you a letter later and tell you more. I only have 8 minutes left.

So Ross Ashcroft told me to find his grandson. It was real easy. He's my zone leader. I'll have to send a picture. For some reason these computers won't let me attach pictures, so I'll print some. Maybe Cody can scan them to the computer. There are 3 Districts in my Zone and they are really cool. There are only 4 sisters and all in my District. We have 10 and then about 15 between the other two.

I saw Krystal Kiene today. She's a volunteer investigator I think. That's in Nat and Kat's first cousin by the way.

We have 3 roommates and they are going to the Philippines. They've been here a couple of weeks. They are totally awesome and one of them in from Auckland. Can you say luck? She's Samoan, so this will be her 3rd language she knows. Anyways, she has a friend from somewhere I can't remember that had Tim Tams, so I totally had some. It was a good day.

I seriously need to write a normal letter. I have so much to write about. I'll tell you about my companion and what the days are like. Etc.

Sorry to be abrupt.

Love ya,
Sister Talbot!

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