Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Computer Blues

Katy decided the computer hated her after typing 2 "incredibly" long emails which didn't send.  But they took pity on her the next day and let her try again and this time it took.  Here is her email from Tuesday, Sep. 29th:

So my companion's name is Sister Marvin.  She is from Salem, UT.  She never wanted to go on a mission before and, in fact, always thought sister missionaries were dumb, but she felt prompted to earlier this year and here she is.  We are so different in so many ways, but we, for the most part, do just fine. 
I am looking forward to leaving the MTC.  The MTC is awesome and I am learning so much, but I feel ready to get out of the confinement.  I am not ready to be thrown into the work quite yet, but out of the MTC...yes.  One week and one day and I will be in VA.  My itinerary has changed.  There are 15 of us traveling to the VRM on October 7th.  It's going to be awesome to get out there.  One of the sisters in my district  had been at SVU and she said it's so cold there.  So I may be buying more warm stuff soon.  Very soon.
We have gym time 4 times a week and it's fun.  My zone (made up of 3 districts) usually dominates one of the volleyball courts.  Sometimes I run, which I should always do, but I just don't feel like it!  Not when I can play v-ball.
On the 2nd day here the Branch Presidency assigned me to be the Coordinating Sister.  That means I am the leadership position for the sisters in my zone.  I have to attend various meetings and attend Branch Council.  So it's like the good old days.  Those meetings are pretty much the only time I am not with my comp.  What I do as the CS is encourage and care  for the sisters in the zone.  My week there were 4 and then last week we got 4 more sisters, so 8 total.  This week we won't get any though.  But the new ones that came, I had to give them an orientation and I am pretty much the person they ask questions to and etc.  It's pretty cool and a good opportunity to meet the other sisters in the zone, but not in my district.
Each week there is a district that departs and then on Wed. they are replaced.  The district that left this week was my favorite.  It was a district of Elders and they were going to some missions in Australia and one to NZ.  It was sad to see them go, but I am pretty sure they will keep in touch for a while.  Two of them already emailed me and informed me that they are fighting over who is marrying me when they get back. Haha.  One of them passed on this bag that is called the Solo Shoulder Bag.  It's passed to a new missionary from district to district and it's basically just filled with treats, envelopes, meds, and extra stuff people don't want to take or just leave behind.  So that was nice to inherit that for the week.  I have to figure out who I'll pass it on to.
I saw one of Nat and Kat's cousins on Sunday.  He left for Mexico yesterday, so it was so cool to see him right before he left.  This cousin is Heather Hall's bro-in-law.
We are getting a lot of good teaching experience here although I wish I got more.  Sister Marvin is a natural teacher so it's good to be able to watch and listen to her as we are teaching.  Without preparing as much as I would normally do, I think that is helping my confidence. 
We are soooo busy here.  Love ya, Sister Talbot

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