Sunday, November 29, 2009

HaPpY tHaNkSgIvInG y'all - 11-25-09

Wow, I cannot believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow!!! Wow, no Black Friday shopping for me this year I guess. Haha. It doesn't seem weird that I'm not home for some reason. We were originally told that we had a normal proselyting day on Thanksgiving, so we ended up having 8 dinners scheduled with ward members who HAD to have us come over. Can you imagine Sister Cox and I eating 8 dinners? Hahahahahahaha. But then we decided to ask our zone leaders and not trust our district leader and lo and behold Thanksgiving is NOT a proselyting day! That makes a lot more sense. So we are slowly but surely cancelling dinners. It's hard because everyone wants the missionaries to come teach their families. It's awesome, but so not practical. So we are going with the Hamilton's for lunch and then bowling afterwards. That is their T-Day tradition-which we should totally start doing. I think that sounds like so much fun! We're not sure what else we are doing, but we are looking forward to it!

We are teaching this way cute couple and guess what???? They are getting baptized and married!!! They are like 20 and have a baby boy named Job. He is so cute and not being able to pick up kids is the worst!!!! Amanda grew up going to church with her g'ma, but was never baptized. She has been taught by the missionaries for forever, but we met with them last week and got them to set Jan 31st for their wedding and baptism. That is just a goal, because I think they may not get baptized on the same day. It's sweet-I get to play missionary wedding planner. It's been fun getting things planned and the ward members are so cool and totally helping with everything for free. We are crossing our fingers that they get married before the 30th of Dec, because we think transfers are that week and we don't want to miss it.

Call me crazy, but I totally want to be a scout leader when I get home. We talked to the scout lady here because we have a lot of 8-11 year olds we are working with. Scouts is such a cool program, I had no idea!!! I have heard for ages that scouts is the worst calling-Why is that?

Have y'all been able to check out yet? Do it if you haven't! And when you talk to people, that is a great website to refer them to. Check out the one on Thanksgiving. It's my new favorite. We share this website with lots of people. And too!

As a missionary I commit people to do things all the time, so the commitment I am going to issue you is to share a pass along card with at least one person before Christmas. You don't even have to know the person. It can be the checkout lady at the store and you can just say I want to give you this as you walk away. I have discovered how easy it is to give away pass along cards to strangers. No commitments and no pressure are involved. So will you do this and then email me and tell me who you gave it to? I cannot wait to hear about it!

Blessings is something that we have been talking about a lot this week, so I want to share my 2 cents. Blessings will come to us as we strive to keep the commandments. It's when we fail to make an effort to keep the commandments when Satan will have that influence over us. Obedience brings blessings! The Lord always promises incredible blessings for every command He gives. He is bound by law (...there is a law irrevocably decreed in heaven...D&C 130) and MUST give us the blessings if we keep his commandments. It sounds so simple, but yet it's so hard. But I know that if we make an effort (even just a small one) to be obedient we will see our lives change for the better. If you want to learn more about the specific blessings we will receive review the covenants you've made. And also study the commands in the Book of Mormon, because a promised blessing will ALWAYS follow. So that's my 2 cents.

Anyways have a great Turkey Day! I love you all!!

Love ya,
Sista Talbot

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