Friday, November 6, 2009

My Weekly Accounting - Nov. 4, 2009

What's going on family? How was Halloween? I am dying to see pics of the kids costumes. We of course couldn't attend our ward party without a we dressed up as each other ;) We unfortunately didn't get a good picture of it, but it's not like our clothes are that different from each other though. We had a ward Octoberfest/Trunk or Treat. This was a sweet party. We had so many investigators come and we got more out of it. It's one of those activities that is easy for ward members to invite their friends and neighbors to. Norman's (elders) baptism was right before and we had one of our investigators there. Right after she was like I want to be baptized. We've only taught her the 1st lesson so far, so we have a ways to go before she actually can be baptized. But nonetheless, she is set for baptism for an undecided date. She lives with her boyfriend who speaks little English and she speaks little Spanish. But we got the Spanish elders over to start teaching him. I really like Elizabeth, so I hope they can work out their living situation. She is pregnant, so there are all kinds of ways Satan will try and get in there and change her mind. Satan works so overtime on our investigators and it stinks. They don't realize that it is Satan though. That's been one of the hardest things about the mission so far is Satan's influence on people and how he can disguise himself so well. Ahhh!

Norman's baptism.  He's the one we stole the cigs from.
And our Halloween costumes!

Me and Sister Turner from the ward

Our cute door on Halloween.
People always give us random plants from their yards...
those Chinese lanterns being just one of the many.

Funny story-We went tracking in the neighborhood of a media referral and some half dressed man answered one of the doors. He looks at us, shakes his head and closes the door. First time for that. But awhile later and a few blocks away, we just pulled up to a members house and he comes by on a bike and awkwardly hands me his business card and said to come by later. Well it was on Halloween and we had to be in by 6pm, so that didn't happen. But I'll keep you posted if we ever teach him. It was just funny that he hunted us down on his bike.
We had temporary exchanges this week. Sister Case went to Smithfield for 2 days and Sister Halliday came to us. It was a good experience.  This was good to be able to have the opportunity to teach more and be more involved in the by the way contacting (talking to the random people we see everywhere we go).

Sister Halliday - exchanges

Before I got here my ward had a Book of Mormon read a thon. It's sounded way cool. They basically had it over the course of 2 days and everyone would take turns reading and they would have random activities to break it up. But they just had all sorts of fun ways to keep people reading.
Thanks for the letters! I love ya!!!! Sister Talbot
 P.S.  Oh and if you ever email me pics, just be sure to mention it in the email because it's hard to tell when I have attachments. It's not as obvious on Weird I know.

Random pretty road we came across

Random water pond that is really pretty in a neighborhood.

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