Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Serious Rain!

Bro. Moldanado

Melissa Richardson, sister in NN2 that found me in Norfolk

                                            Shekaylia is the one not in white
Rainy day

 Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing just great! Things in Norfolk are going well. We are going to the Botanical Gardens today. I am excited because I haven't done really anything on P-Day except sports and the normal stuff. I am having issues figuring out how to send pics home from this new library, but hopefully I can figure it out to send pics of the gardens.

It rained Sunday to Tuesday, so when we were out and about on Monday we got drenched from head to toe. Yes, we had umbrellas, but it was windy, so they really were just wind blockers, not rain blockers. We started trudging through ankle deep puddles because well we couldn't get any more wet. We could ring out our skirts! It was so fun, but made missionary work interesting when we couldn't really go to people's houses and well not really a good tracting day.

Funny story that I wish I could send you a picture we're at this member's home and he is a funny old guy.  We are sharing a scripture and he interrupts and asks me if he could give me something. I look at Sis. Woodruff because he's not someone you jump and say yes to and this was my first time meeting him. Beforehand she was telling me how he makes these great cakes and he always gives them to people, so she's like "you can say yes" both of us thinking it would be cake. So I say sure and he quickly reaches up to his eye and pulls his glass eye out. Both of us are freaking out and his wife is just laughing and shaking her head. It was so funny!!! And to make it even funnier, we both look at each other and are like let's take a picture. So we have some hilarious pictures of Bro. Moldanado holding his eye socket open and holding his glass eye. Sounds so gross, but it was soooo hilarious.

So we have been teaching this girl named Shekaylia and she's had missionaries on and off for a year. She's only 19, so that's crazy! She was originally scheduled to be baptized last August and then they reset her for this August. Now she is going to be baptized on Saturday. She had her interview last night, so she is all set to go. She is so great! She doesn't want to go to the singles ward, so we just have to help her feel included in the family ward.
Well I need to go, so more next week! And I'll let you know how the birthday celebrations go :)

Love you all!
Sister Talbot

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