Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My New Assignment

So I never thought I would see the day when I would leave the city of Newport News, but that day is tomorrow. I am sad, but excited at the same time. As challenging as this transfer has been, I've loved the lessons I've learned and the people I've been able to teach. It'll be a bummer to not be able to see Tommy and Madie be baptized. They are two unbaptized youth I've been teaching since February and I LOVE their family!!! But happy day for the new elders who are taking over NN2. Yes, elders are being sent in and we are being sent out. It's an elder's area, so it's about time they sent them back in. Haha. Sister Anderson will be going to Jamestown and I will be going to................................................................ Norfolk 2nd Ward!!!!! My new companion is Sister Woodruff. I don't know anything about her except she came out the transfer before me and she's been in Norfolk her whole mission. Oh and she's tall. What's with getting tall comps? I've met her before and she's nice and Elder Kent said she's funny, so this should be so fun! Norfolk has 2 wards and each ward has elders and the sisters have been covering both, but I think they will both now have a set of each. I am excited to work with elders again. I have no idea of my new address, but you can always send stuff to the Mission Office address in the meantime.

We've had a great week and have had some great lessons. Ft. Eustis has been so fun and that is probably what I'll miss the most about this area. Tommy and Madie and their parents (the Wise family) came to church this last Sunday, so that was awesome!!!! We've had some really great member lessons too. We don't really get many member referrals in this area, so we've been working to inspire the members to share the gospel with friends and family members and invite them over for lessons and to the activities the ward puts on. It's been going well...our members have been telling us about people they've been inviting to things. They don't necessarily come, but they are inviting and that is where the success is. As members of the Church we should be inviting people to come unto Christ and invite them to learn about the restored gospel and then they have their agency to decide whether or not they will accept the opportunity.

I've been reading in Helaman, which is sooo good. Well not good because the Nephites are being silly and wicked, but good because a lot of inspiring verses. I really like Helaman 6:35-36. Mormon made this conclusion when he abridged the Book of Mormon and I love it. The Spirit will be with us more when we believe the words and then apply. How can we live this life without the Holy Ghost? We can't!!!! Another question is how can we live this life without the words of prophets to guide us? We cannot!!! We meet so many people who believe that God won't call more prophets to the earth. I know that He has and will continue to so that we can be prepared for the Second Coming and we don't have to depend on the wisdom of man to get us to the Celestial Kingdom.

Random funny things from this last week...these gangster guys roll up next to us as we were pulling away from our parking spot and one says to me "hey mommy". What kind of a pick up line is that?!?!?!? Hahahahahaha We laughed about that forever. He wanted us to come teach him, but we just left him with our website. I have a feeling his intentions were not to accept the restored gospel. Haha. And later that same day we were tracting in this apt complex and we talk to this man who was out with his grandson and we walk up and say hi and he looks at me and says "You're pretty." Okay what do I say to that?! Haha. So we talk about Christ and he just kept straying from the conversation. He then asked if I was single and I said I am a missionary and unavailable. Well he heard available and starts telling me that he is available too and then I was like here's a card, we've got to go. And he looks at the card and is like why isn't your picture on it? Can I get one with your picture? Hahahaha. And he was probably in his 40's. Saturday was a weird day. Haha

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