Monday, December 6, 2010

Another week

Hello everyone! I hope you are doing great and enjoying the Christmas spirit. We had such a great day yesterday! It was Stake Conference and it was just so good. Pres. & Sister Perry were among the speakers. Pres. spoke about 1 Corinthians 12. I've heard him talk about it before, but this time he expounded more and it was so insightful. This chapter talks about the body of Christ and the eluding message is of unity. A few of the verses talk about how there are many members of Christ's body, but only one body. So as a member of Christ's church we make up that body of Christ and we are all necessary for it to be complete. He metioned how the feeble are necessary and shared a nice story and also shared a story relating to the "less honourable". I love this chapter in the Bible. It really does help to see that those we think aren't likely to accept the gospel or those we think aren't worthy...they are and they are necessary. I wish you could have been there because there is no way to paraphrase it. Also at Stake Conference Pres. Anderson spoke on the real meaning of Christmas. He shared great testimony and it was a great lead into the First Presidency Christmas Devotional that we watched last night. I hope you've all been able to watch it. It's on if not.

This new transfer has just been so wonderful. I love Sis. Stoehr. She is from Colorado, northern Denver. She was trained by Sis. Cox and has been out half her mission. She just came from the rich area south of here with all white people. This is quite a change for her, but she is excited to be in Richmond. That's helped me a lot too. I loved Richmond last transfer, but not the way I love it now. We have already seen so many miracles. The first full day she was here we did a little tracting around an investigator and we knocked on Vernitta's door. We tell her we're missionaries, give a brief rundown and she just looks at us and said "so are you coming in?" Haha, it was awesome! So we teach her the Restoration and she was really feeling the Spirit. Because of her background she knew she was too! She said she felt happiness as we shared the First Vision. She came to Stake Conference and it was such a good experience for her. As of Saturday evening she wasn't coming. I said to Sis. Stoehr that we had to get an investigator to church every Sunday this transfer and she said let's do it. So we prayed and then shortly after Vernitta called us and said she wanted to come to church. Ahhhh!!!! She just loved it and everyone kept asking her if she was coming back next week. She started out by saying that she wasn't sure and then by the end of talking to people, she was saying yes! We've had some other great experiences and great lessons too, but unfortunately not the time for them. Things this transfer are just so great. I feel freed almost. It's weird, but I know Sis. Stoehr and I will see the Lord's hand in many things this transfer.

I finally ate at Ronnie's Ribs. It was soooo good. And I will try and save more time next week to email pics to you! Can Santa grant me more time on email for Christmas?!?!

Oh one funny thing...we had a lesson yesterday with this man who was at his father's house and some pastor guy was there. When we found out he was a pastor I got the distinct impression twice in my mind not to invite him to sit in on the lesson. We had a member with us and she is bold and invited him/practically told him to come. So I was nervous about that. As we were talking about prophets he made a big stink and the member and he started arguing, so after some arm twisting we asked him to leave and he did and we were able to really have a good lesson after that. But that definitely made for an awkward and hilarious memory.

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