Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Good Times in Richmond

Filling up the font at the Monument building is quite the process compared to other buildings, so we decided to have some fun while we were cleaning/filling the font up. This is me in the font.

This is Vernitta and her family that came to the baptism. She lives with her daughter and her grandkids and her friend, Virginia, also came. Both her daughter and her friend, Virginia, wanted a Book of Mormon after the baptismal service was over. It was a really good baptism and the Spirit was very strong as it should be at baptisms! We have yet to teach them because of the holidays, but this upcoming week we should be able to teach Dean, her daughter. We have already taught the grandkids a couple of times. Jessica is 11 and Rashod is 6.

Us with Sister Vernitta Manuel. She was baptized 2 weeks and a day after we met her. That is not common, it was a miracle. She eats it all up and loves to learn. Sis. Soriano made a trip to SLC the week before her baptism and brought Vernitta back an extra large print triple combination. Vernitta has had 3 strokes, and because of that her eye sight is not so bueno.

Just another one of those weird random things we see as we drive the streets of Richmond.
This is my favorite of the random things we see as we drive the streets of Richmond. Apparently someone puts this car here every year. It is so funny to drive by. They have Santa at the wheel with lights under the car and presents on the trunk and a tree on top. As we stopped to take pictures, tons of people kept driving by the look at it. It was so funny! Everything you need and want for Christmas in a car.


Another picture with the kids from the projects. This was a good group this time. I'm not even sure who half the little kids are. They had a lot of friends this time. The elders taught this lesson and they committed each kid to give away the pass along card to someone for Christmas.

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