Monday, January 10, 2011


So you didn't send me any transfer predictions! Sis. Stoehr and I predicted right. We are staying together in Richmond for my last 6 weeks. Yay! It's going to be a great way to end my mission. We have some fun ideas to help this transfer be awesome! Including baptisms of course :) Inez Thornton who we have been teaching since Sis. Stoehr's first week here is getting baptized on Saturday. She's really cool and so different from anyone I've taught. She is really independent and isn't the type that needs us to call her everyday. She has started to make some friends at church, but if it was up to her she would be fine solo. She's really friendly with people and can talk your ear off, but really independent at the same time. She is really excited about getting a calling and giving service. She always talks about working in the ministry. When we hear the word ministry we both cringe a little now. Haha. We met her because she is friends with Sister Ibrahim...the lady from Nigeria. Inez used to drive city bus and Sis. Ibrahim rode her bus for a long time and they became friends and she invited Inez to the Branch Christmas party. And the rest is history.

We have been having a really great week getting into member's homes and teaching them about Family Mission Plans. They've all been receptive and there have been a few families who have gotten really excited about it. The Watson's (who we LOVE) are assigned to the Branch and we had lunch with them the other day and taught about a FMP. After the lesson she said she felt so empowered! It was so fun to see her excitement. Some members have realized that missionary work doesn't have to involve face to face interaction with strangers. That's been fun to see them realize that!

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