Monday, January 31, 2011

Hi Hi Hi!

Here is a funny story to start my email...we were in this super baptist neighborhood following up with a former and the house that we were knocking on had one of those super heavy metal doors that hurt so bad to knock on. So we rang the doorbell and waited. Nothing. Then we pulled out the pink golf ball and knocked on the metal door and waited. Right before we turned and walked away the door opened and this lady starts going off..."why you knockin on my door like that? you ring my doorbell and we didn't come. why you knockin on my door?" It was so funny and then Sis. Stoehr says, "uh we are missionaries" and then in midst of the lady going off she's like "please forgive us". Haha. It was a good time. Especially when we talked to the neighbor across the street who was walking up to her house. She said "I'm trying to keep my religion by being nice to you." Haha! Richmond is so funny.

Church was cancelled yesterday. During the 9am ward sacrament meeting someone drove their car into a power pole about a mile away and it kicked the power off during the middle of a lady's talk. When we pulled into the church there were only a few cars and we look at each other like what in the world. They cancelled church because they thought the building would get too cold. It's strange, but it doesn't take much to cancel church out here.

We taught Jay Rollins again this week and we had a really great lesson with him on the Plan of Salvation (PMG Ch.3, lesson 2). He is awesome and has really felt the Spirit. He set a baptismal date for 19 Feb! And Margaret from last week's email also set a date for 19 Feb. So I am excited - that just happens to be my last weekend in the mission.

Tuesday through Friday of this last week I was on exchanges in the Gayton area. So I have officially seen country! The Gayton Ward encompasses Goochland (country) as well as the city. We were only there for a few hours, but I'll take it. It was fun being with Sis. Niemela and Sis. Schorzman. I've been on prior exchanges with both of them. It was good to come back to Richmond!

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