Monday, February 7, 2011

Hey ya'll

Hello! I wish I was able to tell you about the cool Segway tour we are going on. You will just have to wait a week for the report and pictures. Yep, we are finally going today and the weather is so nice. We are excited!

We had a great week last week. We went and gave service at the Food Bank/Meals on Wheels and it was so fun. The lady who coordinates the volunteers lived in Scottsdale when she was younger and is pretty familiar with the church. We have plans to go back and continue to volunteer there. All my other areas it was pretty easy to find volunteer/service opportunities through the members, but not so much here so we have been trying to do more community service type stuff.

We were able to have 2 lessons with Jay this last week. Both went really well and he is just progressing so well for his baptism. Pres. Perry wants us to start using more with people, so we taught the whole 3rd lesson (Gospel of Jesus Christ) using The website as far as doctrinal stuff is based off of PMG, so it's all in order and everything. It was so fun and he really liked it it seemed like. The idea behind using in lessons is to help people navigate the site. People use the internet for everything, so as we familiarize people with the site, it will be one they will use on their own. We've also been using it a lot with our members too.

We went to First Fridays this last Friday and it was quite the experience. It was not as good as before, but it's always an adventure. It reminds me of when I would go in Phoenix. We just stop everyone we see and give a pass along card and we had free hot cocoa too. That's always a big winner with the crowd. Our message wasn't so much though this time. I talked to one man for awhile and he believes that we have no personal responsibility for our choices and that we will automatically be forgiven. A lot of people I have met believe that. The more I learn about Christ and the gospel the more and more those people drive me nuts, because I know it's not true! We are responsible for our choices. If we weren't, where would the motivation come from to do better and be better? But experiences like First Fridays strengthens my testimony!

Almost out of time, but quickly...we did some inspired tracting on Sat. and found a family from Bhutan and a lady from Tanzania who we are teaching tonight and tomorrow. I'll let you know how they go next week!

Love ya'll,
Sister Talbot

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