Saturday, January 9, 2010


It has been BUSY in the 2nd Ward these past fews days. Because of weather and mechanical stuff I didn't transfer until Saturday. Not a lot of anything was happening in the area before Sis. Dickson and I became companions. Not sure why because the sister I replaced is a good missionary. They haven't had a convert baptism in at least 6 months and probably awhile before that. But since we've been comps we've found 20 new investigators. That's HUGE! Which means we are so wiped out! I haven't even unpacked my bags all the way either. We plan till 10:30pm every night. It is CRAZY! The ward is so awesome too! We've had members call and leave a voicemail asking what can they can do for us. So once we get these investigators going with lessons we will be using the members a lot more. The Bishopric is so good too. I am really excited to see how this ward grows over the next however many months I'm here.
Saturday and Sunday were freezing here. Oh it was so cold! Sis. Dickson and I are on the hunt for boots today. I don't think I could survive the winter without them. Cross your fingers we can find cute, cheap, warm boots.
We went to Fort Eustis yesterday and taught the FHE lesson. Nobody was really there. But I guess school is justing starting back, so more people should come next week. We talked to them about inviting others to the services and sharing the gospel. It was cool.
The 2nd Ward isn't very diverse. No Africans. No Spanish. But we are hoping to change that. Downstairs from us is the African family that we are going to start teaching. They speak Swahili and Kalundi (I have no idea how to spell that) like the branch I taught in SLC. There are from Burundi and Tanzania. I only know one Swahili word! And they don't have the Book of Mormon in those languages...I already checked before my mission, so that's a bummer.
Time is passing by so quickly out here. People ask how long I've been out and it's weird to say 4 months. I feel like it's been only 1!

I love and miss you all.

Sister Talbot

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Smittys said...

Katy- Awesome. Thanks for blogging, it makes me remember my mission and how fired up we got. I wish everyone could be like that all of the time! Good luck.