Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sister Dickson - January 21, 2010

Sounds like you've had yuck weather. We've had 5 days of amazing weather. I haven't had to wear a coat! It's been great. Before that though was frigid. The boots I got helped a lot. We heard it's supposed to dip down again tomorrow. :(

My new companion is Sister Dickson. We were in the MTC together actually. She is from Gilroy, CA and went to BYU-I for a year and then went out to BYU-Hawaii and was there before her mission. She is a fun spunky girl. She always wanted to go on a mission too! Her first 2 transfers were a lot different than mine that's for sure. Her trainer had only been out 3 months and so they had a lot of struggles together. I don't think she pictured a mission being like her first 3 months, so she was glad for a change. We've changed the area a lot and are in the process of building up a good teaching pool. It may take us all transfer, but she should be able to see a baptism. This area has been pretty dormant, so it's taking a lot of work and late nights, but soon it will be awesome!

Sister Dickson and I have been having a lot of fun. She missed out on a lot of fun, so we are making sure we have extra. Talking to everyone is yielding crazy results, but showing the Lord that we want people to teach. We are still teaching our neighbors downstairs (the Africans). I don't think they really understand what we are talking about, but it's fun to try! We are also teaching a LA member's fiance. He gets 100% of what we are saying, but I don't think he is spiritually converted yet though. We will teach him tomorrow and may set him for baptism!
That's so cool grandma is getting baptized. I bet Elder Arntsen is bummed it wasn't before he left. Oh well. Don't all the missionaries in Eagar go to Chandler? Haha.

It's crazy that this transfer is half over. I will never get over the time warp on the mission.

Well I love you and miss you!

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