Thursday, March 11, 2010

How Cool is My Mission! - March 10, 2010

Hello again on another Wednesday! The weather has been amazing the past 2 days and today it's really humid and trying to rain...but still warm. I really hope the warm is about to start. I am done wearing my big coat around with my black skirts and boots. I've heard the summers are pretty hot around here, so I might have to go thrift store shopping for some flowy summer skirts in a month or two. That could be fun :) So I have this way of running out of time on the computer, so here are some highlights of the week:

The 8 year old son Moshood of a less active member (who is coming back to church and totally awesome...and Haitian and making us Haitian food on Friday) fasted this last Sunday (we had a lesson about fasting) and he told me he was fasting that he could live with God again someday. He is so smart and I love teaching him! He thought up what he was fasting for all on his own!

Debbie (she lives in our complex actually) loves us a lot and always tell people that, haha! She is so cool. We met her one day when she was out working on the car with her husband. We talked to her for an hour that day and set up a return appt. It was really hard at first to get her home for the appointments, but we both liked her a lot, so we kept trying instead of dropping her. Over the last 3 weeks we've taught her consistently and she is soaking it all up. Her brother was mormon before he died and she never wanted to learn, but randomly when we came by she did. On the 3rd or 4th lesson it came out that she had been praying for someone to show her God and then we showed up. Her husband doesn't want to learn because of stuff that's happened to him and things he's had to do in war, but she is doing so well. We haven't even taught about Word of Wisdom and she's already trying to quit smoking and has noticed that she is more patient with her kids. She believes everything to be true and loves learning more and meeting with us. Last lesson she had a neighbor over who we taught as well and they are both loving everything and we are loving them!

Corey who is the WML daughter's boyfriend is so cool. We had a lesson with him Monday and he said that they were talking after church on Sunday about how he wants to become a member of the church. He's got a few stumbling blocks in the way to get over first, but he is always so excited and happy about everything church. They are going up to the temple the weekend after next and they both fasted on Sunday. I cannot wait for them to be sealed in the temple someday!

My first day in the NN2 ward we met this lady named Michelle. We loved her the second we met her, but up until this last Sunday it's been impossible to get a lesson with her, but like Debbie we knew we needed to keep trying. We had the best Plan of Salvation lesson with her and she said that she knew she would feel better after we came over. Her daughter committed suicide this last Nov and it's been hard on her. She grew up Catholic and only was taught that people who commit suicide are damned. It was really awesome to teach her about the Spirit World and etc. She said she likes this idea much better! Yeah, me too.

Well I hope you are all doing well. I love you! My mission is awesome. As I've seen these people develop faith in Jesus Christ and repent it makes me so happy. The changes people make in their lives because of the gospel is the greatest thing to be a part of. I loved NN1, but NN2 has really made a big impact on me. No, I haven't seen a baptism here yet, but I have seen people change their lives and find and recognize the happiness the gospel brings. How cool is my mission!

Love ya!
Sister Talbot

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