Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Laying on a Blanket in the Sun

Today is a great day! It is so warm! My body doesn't know what to think. I hope it transitions okay to summer. We layed out on a blanket for a couple of hours it was so nice.

The past few days we were on exchanges with Hampton. Sister Vawdrey came to work with me in NN2 and Sis. Dickson went to Hampton with Sis. Marvin. It was a fun exchange. I have been really lucky to have great companions here in VA. We met some great new investigators and had a lot of fun. It's good to change it up a little every once in awhile. With transfers next week, I am betting we are getting a change. There are a lot of great solid investigators here right now, but they are "long-term" for one reason or another. It would be great to be here longer to see them baptized, but I could use a change but the Lord knows where I need to be, so we'll see what happens.

It's booming in our ward. We have so many willing to meet with us that we teach about 9 lessons every week and that is us limiting our lessons to save time for investigators! There are some Sundays that we have so many at church it's like our ward suddenly grew. Now if we can just keep them consistent... We have this  lady who is 89 and she looks 60 and sounds 40 on the phone. Totally weirds us out. She always likes to feed us too. That's nice, but we have to plan her lessons around meal times because we know she'll feed us.

We had a Sister's Meeting this last Friday and it was so good. We had different trainings and it was really spiritually uplifting. A lot of the meetings lately we've been leaving really stressed out, but this one was great. Meetings are starting to get overwhelming though because we have so many. Another one tomorrow...haha. I've been on this training thing lately. Maybe because I'm old they think I'm smart. Or maybe because I talk a lot. Who knows. But this time it was on Having Dignity in Our the areas of language, dress and grooming, and interactions with men we encounter in the mission. Some sisters I guess needed a bandaid ripped off, so I did it for them. It was fun.

Well I don't know really what else to share today. My mind is still laying out on the blanket in the sun.

Maybe I will share a few of my recent findings:
1) Alma 1:25, 31
2) Mosiah 27: 36-37
3) 2 Nephi 32: 3

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