Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hi for a minute!

So transfers got moved to today instead of tomorrow and there was a line at the computer lab, so I only have just a minute. I may be able to come back later...

Well I am staying in NN2 and Sister Dickson is being transferred to Nag's Head, NC. That is the coveted area, so she is going to love it! Sister Anderson who has been out 3 months and serving in Gloucester will be coming to me! I would have never guessed we'd be companions or that she'd ever come to NN2. It will be so fun though!

If you haven't checked out the Saints Unified Voices online yet...DO IT! The fireside/concert was so awesome. There were a lot of referrals that come out of it. A lot! Not so many for us, but Norfolk and VA Beach got a ton. The choir is so fun and I love the music. They have a I really like a lot of their songs, but the only one I know the name of is Blessed Assurance.

Alright, I better be going. Sister Dickson has to be to the transfer van in 2 minutes and we have to eat! Yikes. Hopefully I'll be back. Love you all!

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