Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Recharged and Ready to Go

Hello again! How is everyone doing? I am doing good. I feel like a rechargable battery that just got charged up. We just had exchanges and I got to go to Newport News 1st Ward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!! I got to serve with Sister Dunn and we had a blast. We are so similar and definitely both a product of Sister Cox (she trained us both). We have the same work style and like to just keep going. She's been out the same as my comp, but they are two different missionaries. It was a tender mercy to be sent back there. One of the first things we do is go see my favorite African grandma Sister Kabia. I love the diversity of that ward! (That is one thing I loved about SLC is there was soooo much diversity.) We also got to teach some recent converts that I was able to teach, but that got baptized after I left. It was so fun to see their change and how having the Holy Ghost has made them so much happier and excited. We also got to see the Barkdull's!!! I miss teaching them so much. We also got to see Sister Thorne who was less active, but now is active. She is so sweet and I love her. We had Taco Tuesday at her house. (We had Taco Tuesday at work every week...) We also of course did some tracting and Sister Dunn showed me this area they discovered that I had never been to before. Now I am excited to find those areas in NN2. I've been all over, but there are places that I need to rediscover I think. We found a couple of awesome new investigators and Sister Dunn and I were both bummed we couldn't teach them together. The appts. were for later this week. It was so fun tracting with her! She is from Whittier, CA, which is kind of by Disneyland. They are teaching this lady named Anna who is from the Philippines. Her husband is 6'4" and she is 4'11". Their military ball picture is so funny because she is so tiny compared to him. She is so awesome! She had the best questions for us about the Plan of Salvation. I love it when they ask us questions!

We have been able to teach Tommy and Maddie a few times this last week and we have three lessons with them this week. They are the 9 and 10 year old kids of a member couple. We have been inconsistent because they are a busy family, but I think the mom really wants things to move along. That is great for us. They might be moving to Gloucester in June, so I think she'll make a goal for them be baptized before the move. And we need to get them all to church of course. That is one of the hardest things here in this ward is getting people to church. With the ward being small and having a lack of diversity, it's a challenge anyways. Sister Anderson is trying to figure out a way to help the ward sing louder. They are so quiet and a lot of our investigators are used to going to churches with praise choirs. Haha

So we found this new puzzle that you should check out. I've heard you can get them on Amazon for really cheap. It's called Triazzle. You have a bunch of pieces that you have to try and match up to an already set border. I don't really know how to explain it, but it is crazy and really hard. But I think our family would like it! The Delaney's showed us last night at the Ft. Eustis FHE.

Well I love you all. Things are good. The exchange really helped to reenergize and I am ready to take on whatever the transfer brings next week. I am doing good.

Thanks for your love and support. I've been reading the war chapters in Alma and it's been interesting to apply and compare them to my life now. I've never done that before, but because of all the weirdness it's quite easy at this moment. Some verses that have hit home a little are Alma 51:14, Alma 53:20-21, Alma 55:31, Alma 56:16-17. Not sure if these will mean anything to you, but check them out anyways :)

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