Monday, July 19, 2010

Norfolk is an interesting city!

I cannot believe we have another transfer next week! It is going by so fast. I think something pretty significant is going to happen in Norfolk. Both wards seem to be struggling a little bit with a solid teaching pool and the other 3 sisters have been down and out this week. The other sisters have been having some problems and they have been in most of the time except for appointments. Sis. Dunn hasn't been feeling well, so we've been in about a third of the week. This was my first time staying in (for reasons other than the weather and the mission making us) and it's a little weird. I just feel like the Lord is preparing the area for a big change. I don't know what, but we'll find out next week. I think we will get transfer calls on Sunday nights now. Not sure on that one though. We haven't had our interviews with Pres. Perry yet, so I haven't been able to talk to him about the area yet. We were supposed to have them last Saturday but I guess there was an emergency in Richmond he had to be there for. He said he had to leave the 99 for the 1. I thought that was a nice way of putting it.

We met some super funny ladies this week. We have this road called Ft. Worth. The elders were riding through and this funny older black lady flagged them down and said she was a member. So they gave her our number and she called us and we set up a time to see them. She is sweet! She has had a rough past, which she tells us stopped about 20 days ago. Haha. Her and her sister (who we later found out is also a member) came to a baptism for the Bayside Ward with us. Between the 2 of them they have 6 kids and half of them are in jail/prison. Before the baptism we taught them about baptism covenants and also how the Lord can make our weaknesses strengths. We got a few amens and hallelujahs out of that lesson. I think I'm really going to like these ladies. Haha

We also met this other less active who just got out of jail in March. All of this jail talk doesn't make my companion like Norfolk very much I don't think. It's an interesting city and we have just been meeting the most interesting of them all.

Ooops, I'm out of time already. I sure didn't make Norfolk sound really awesome this email. But it is! And no, not everyone has been in jail. Just a lot of people. But not all. Haha. This ward is so great and we keep meeting the best members. The ward is really good about giving referrals and sharing the gospel with their friends. It's great when the members do the finding :)

The VA Beach stake is having a big celebration for the 24th. Hopefully we can get people we are teaching to it so we can go! It should be fun and hot and humid too.

I was studying this morning in Ch.9 of Preach My Gospel. There are a couple sections that talk about working with the members and their roles in missionary work. I thought this might be something interesting for you all to look at. Enjoy! I love PMG!

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