Monday, July 26, 2010

Transfers again already!

Doesn't it feel like every other week it's transfers? Well it does to me too! I can't believe I've been on my mission for so long and it just keeps going by faster and faster. Well I am not getting transferred, so release the mail and send it my way! But my companion Sis. Dunn is getting transferred :( She is going to Mt. Pleasant which is an area in Chesapeake. She'll be in another trio. My new companion is Sis. Vawdrey. Way back in early spring we went on exchanges together, so I've served with her for a few days before. She is super cute and a great missionary. I am excited to see how the area changes with her here with me. This last transfer was pretty slow because we were in a lot, so I am ready to go sweat some lbs off and find the awesome people the Lord has prepared here in Norfolk. The transfer day is still the same, so she will come here on Thursday afternoon. And I am so excited...Sis. Case is coming to Norfolk to step-train Sis. Boston in Norfolk 1st Ward. It'll be so fun living with her again!

Last Saturday we had interviews with Pres. Perry. He is a really great leader and I am excited to see how the different changes are implemented here. He has a great vision for the mission and truly seeks for inspiration. It's going to be great. He is very nice and his family is adjusting to VA. His youngest daughter still doesn't love it yet. But that is only because she doesn't have many girls her age. Which here in VA that doesn't surprise me.

We also went to the Stake Pioneer Day celebration. They had a BBQ and a bunch of different games. It was super hot, so they ended up putting up tables inside the Stake Center and also the giant bounce house inside too! The fun little games were still outside. I did the 3-legged race with Sis. Shumaker, which was so funny. I was paranoid I would fall in my skirt. I didn't fall, but I did get a nice bruise on my ankle. Bummer, but we didn't win. But it was so fun. And there was a little bit of a water fight too. Why do missionaries get targeted? I just don't get it. Haha

There isn't too much to report for this last week because we were in a lot. We are having a Relief Society Christmas in July activity tomorrow night, which will be fun. I'm making a fun craft that I will send home to the ladies in the family. We will have a lot of people there. We will probably have 3 less active ladies and 2 investigators on top of all the ward members coming. They are offering babysitting, so that probably helps the attendance!

I haven't gotten tired of telling people where I am from yet. Most people don't know Eagar, but randomly a few have heard of it. Or at least have heard of Snowflake. I just tell them it's by Snowflake most of the time. Pres. Perry said that he thought he had been all over AZ, but he'd never heard of Eagar before. Haha

Tonight we are having FHE with the Knight family. They are so great. They are one of my favorite families in the ward. Emma who is 9 is going to teach the lesson and so we are going to help her. It's on developing talents. I haven't taught a lesson on talents before, so this should be fun! We are also going to be at Sis. Cobb's house for an FHE which is for families who have husbands deployed or who are single. Here is Norfolk, that's a lot! One of the big ships (Eisenhower) is about to come home...I think this week actually. So that'll bring some husbands home!

Well I love you all!

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