Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Letter from Oct. 5, 2009

Thanks for the letters this week. It was awesome to have communication from the outside world! And Jen-thanks for the pumpkin bread! You know me well :)

So let's start out with the funny...So remember how swine flu made work incredibly ridiculous this summer because nobody could leave the MTC for a while??? Well swine flu has arrived back at the MTC, but luckily not as wild as before. Anyways...an Elder in my District got it! So he won't be going to VA with us Wed and we all have to take these pills for 10 days.  These pills haven't effected me, but a few in the District including my comp haven't been feeling well since they started taking the pills. Pray my luck continues.

We went to the temple this morning. Good like always. It's nice to be able to walk up there because we sit all day! Yesterday we were sitting pretty much all day long. And no, my hips did not like that. The weather has been chilly since the snow earlier this week, so it was a chilly walk up to the temple. But I haven't started wearing a coat yet. Not quite that cold.

I am so ready to leave the MTC. It has been great and I have learned so much, but I am ready to get out of here.  One of my new friends that just went to Australia sent me an email saying to always remember to have faith. He is pretty discouraged it sounds like. I feel bad for him, but I am definitely going into it realizing that I need to actively keep the faith alive. I am going to the Bible Belt, so I don't think anyone plans on converting too many. But our zone motto is "Baptize Millions".  All the Elders shout it everywhere, but it's more to be funny than realistic. As much as people say it's not about how many people we baptize, it really is. I say that because people must be baptized in order to receive the ordinances and make the covenants necessary for eternal life. So baptizing is sooo important...not for the success of my mission, but for the salvation of the people.

Conference was awesome. I liked soooo many of the talks. It's so different to be listening with the ears of a missionary. My teacher promised that if we went to conference with questions, every single one would be answered. And everyone in my district had our questions answered. Our teacher also said to pay attention because every talk relates to PMG is some way or another and discussed the principle in the book. Check number 2 for Bro. Menasco. He's so smart.

My conference review for you:

RS Broadcast:
 Julie B. Beck: Never supress a generous thought. I've heard this before, but it's a good reminder to be listening for the Spirit to teach us things

Sat. am:
 Richard G. Scott: Heavenly Father gives us challenges that we cannot do alone. We must rely on His help.

L. Whitney Clayton: Our burdens invite us to draw nearer to the Spirit and develop virtues that are required to master them. The burdens are given to prepare us to return to our Father in Heaven.

Bednar: Express love and show it to your family members daily. Bear testimony and live it at home. Our families should always know our testimony. I love this one! It's something I never thought of before, but it's so true. Be consistent in the home. Consistency builds trust, reliability, and develops diligence.

Uchtdorf: Love should define us as a Church. Are we showing love to people? What we love determines what we seek. What we seek determines what we believe. What we believe determines who we are.

Sunday am:

Eyring: Declare determination when singing hymns.

Pres. Monson: What did you do for someone today? You'll never regret being too kind.

Okay, that's my 5 minute conference review. They need to give us more time on the computer! It's a good thing I can type fast.

Well I leave Wed early morning and will get to VA at about 4pm eastern time. I'll be living on eastern time. That's pretty cool! I will try and call from the airport Wed. morning. I don't know how exactly, so if you get a collect call, that would be me :) My flight leaves at 8am, so I will be calling early because that would be 7am your time. So mom and dad expect an early wake up call from me. If I don't call, just assume we got busy at the airport. We do have a huge group and all.
Well I love you all and I will be sending you my new address soon!!!!

Sister Talbot

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