Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Some Funny, Random Things...

Hi again! Another P-Day has arrived. P-Day are busy days, not days of relaxation and sight seeing. But they are good days that help us feel prepared. I am so behind on my journal, so I hope to fit that in today. We are so busy all the time, so there really isn't journal time. Luckily we have our planners to look back on so I know what we've done.

Some funny random things I've seen/noticed so far:
-Everyone will talk about Christ with us. Doesn't mean they are wanting to believe what we teach them, but they still love to talk about Christ.
-My ward is missionary minded. The faith of our bishop is incredible. I would be surprised if he wasn't a GA some day.
-Baptisms will come if you are obedient, work hard, and talk to everyone you see. If you talk to everyone, you will find people to teach. To teach you have to find. (We have another one on Friday. It's this 19 year old girl from Sierra Leone.)
-Sometimes people think they have a lot of faith, but if they were to be on the outside and see themselves they really don't. I say this because faith leads to action. It's so true. If you really truly have faith, you will be lead to follow Christ and become more like him. That's why they say if you aren't progressing, you're regressing.
-Trailer parks are the best for tracting. You have interesting things happen. For instance, old ladies telling you about their heart surgeries which involves unzipping their robes to their belly button. Wow, we just didn't want to see that.
-Sundays are so stressful. We call investigators/less actives on Saturdays to remind them about church and they say they are coming. Then the adversary jumps in and gives them a reason they can't come and they are no-shows on Sunday. It's so crazy. We started out with having 10 people come this last Sunday and ended up with 4. Sad :(
-Sometimes ward members think we are in charge of everything. Like letting the nursery leaders know about kids having swine flu. I think we might be a little busy for that... It's pretty funny though. We are highly involved in most things, but just not those kinds of things.
-Air fresheners are a thing of the past. Well at least some people think so. I can't believe how many houses smell. It's like every other house reeks of nasty. We always spend like 5 minutes after our visit talking about how bad it was and ranking it. It's awful. I have decided that I would rather teach a lesson in a smokers house than in a house that smells like animal/human poo.
-Everyone has animals. What the weird? EVERYONE has animals here.
-It's weird when members who are sort of active sort of not swear around us. Who swears in front of the missionaries?
-Insect repellent kills black widows. We did some yard work yesterday and found one. You'll never believe it, but I was the brave one. Yeah, I was surprised too.
-The Lord is always on time. We have been a part of some crazy little miracles that come from being at the right place at the right time. Sometimes we are slowed down with trivial things for a reason.
-The more specific in nature our prayers are, the more specific the answers will be. We are learning to word things just right in order to gain a specific result. It is totally working and it's amazing!
-I live in an enchanted forest. Well sort of. We have squirrels that run around our apartment complex all the time.
-The best new drink is an almond flavored syrup type stuff whipped into warm milk. Wow!
-It only took 2 days to get yelled at. It's actually the only time it's happened to us since I've been here though. This funny/crazy old lady Gloria they've been reading the Book of Mormon with decided she didn't want us to come back. So she goes off for 10 minutes and then decides she wants to give us a bunch of persimmons from her tree. Then she says as we walk away "Love you girls. But don't ever come back or call me." Haha
-Teaching on the fly (Gospel Principles this last Sunday) is actually not that bad.
-We have to sing at a baptism next Wed. This older slightly crazy guy named Norman wants to us sing really bad. We plan to get a bunch of sisters and just not tell him. We like him a lot. He let us take his cigarettes and lighters. He is the elders investigator, but we tag team with them and call and stop by to check on each other's investigators.
Well I hope that was some interesting stuff to read about. We work all day everyday. My companions are awesome and the work never ceases. It will be weird to work with other missionaries who are not like that. I'm pretty sure next transfer at least one of us will go. Sister Cox said this is the best trio. I assume Pres. wouldn't want to leave us together, but to spread out and conquer more areas. I am so not ready for that though. I have a long way to go before I feel like I could conquer another area that isn't as prepared as this one.
We had a mission conference last week. Elder and Sister Johnson (I think he's in the 70) were there and spoke along with the MP and his wife. It was really good and I got to meet more people.
Love ya,

Sister Talbot

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