Friday, February 5, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside!

Katy's email from Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How's it going in AZ? Things are picking up here in VA. When I say picking up I mean literally. We had a snowstorm start Friday night and the snow is still around, but people are actually braving it now. It was a lot of snow actually for this area. Someone told us they haven't had this much since 1997. When this happens the city shuts down pretty much. They've been out of school all week, they cancelled church, and we were apt. bound all weekend. We were in Sat and Sunday and then Monday they said we could go if we felt safe. After being inside for 2 days, we felt safe enough! Haha. Monday was so warm and sunny, so it was a good day to be out. The roads are still covered in a lot of areas, but it's stayed warm enough that there hasn't been too much ice. People have freaked out about the snow, it's been so hilarious. When they hear I'm from AZ, they always are just like "oh this must be a lot of snow for you!" Haha, well not exactly.

So I have this curse I spread to my District Leaders or something. My first DL was emergency transferred out of Hampton and then my 2nd one went home sick. Now I'm on to my 3rd...Elder Frampton (from 1st Ward). Hopefully I don't curse him too. But I am back in my old district now!!! Yay! This is because my last one went home last week, so they combined our districts instead of bringing a new one in. So my first assignment from E. Frampton was to train at a meeting on how we can center our teachings on the Restoration of the gospel. I think it went pretty good, but I have never trained before in that setting.

I cannot believe transfers are already next week. I swear we just had them. I hope I can stay with Sis. Dickson...we think it would be fun to be shotgunned into Hampton. We love going to Hampton! We are teaching the wife of a member. She is from the Philippines and so cute. Here in NN2 we are teaching this woman named Latisha. We meet so many people whose name starts with La, it's hilarious. Latisha is awesome. She wants to find a church and to find the right one. She is really excited about learning and coming to church. She was so bummed they cancelled church last week! We love her! We are also teaching the boyfriend of a less active member. He is eating this up and doing so good. He wants to be baptized, but he said he thinks he might wait a year or so. Ahhhh! No way Jose! They are so cool and um younger than me. I just realized I am going to be 25 this year! Why didn't someone warn me I was getting old!?!

We are having Zone P-Day today. Volleyball and basketball. Too bad the sisters cannot play b-ball though!!! We can't play with the elders, which makes sense...but it's b-ball season! Haha

Love you all like Neely loves snowboarding. Have fun!

Sister Talbot

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