Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's Weird!

How is everything going? Going well here. Oh well minus the fact that my body is retarded, but what's new?! So my body has been getting really exhausted for a month and last week for like 3 days I could not stay awake and was a walking zombie. It was weird. We have a medical missionary and she told me to get tested for anemia. So I did and it turned up negative for anemia. So they don't know what's up, but they did give me Astelin for my allergies. Yep, they are already being super. And I had to go to the Chiropractor today to get cracked. He is a member and does it for free. My neck got all weird again like it does sometimes, so it's sweet that there is a chiropractor around. Sister Dickson thought he was going to break me...haha it was funny. So other than my body issues this week, it was a pretty normal missionary week.

We finally had an investigator to teach on Ft. Eustis yesterday. His name is Vader. They go by last names. He is actually RLDS, so it was funny teaching him. We kept asking him, so is this the same? Is this the same? Haha. He's cool and I think he might go on the temple trip to DC with the soldiers at the end of the month. That would be a good experience for him! And we also committed Corey and Lenae to go see the temple together too. It was a funny lesson because he was straight faced the whole time. At the end I finally asked him what he was thinking because he appeared to be weirded out or something. He smiled and said he thought the temple was cool. That was a relief, because I was like what did we say that would have weirded him out? Haha. He is so cool and I cannot wait for life to work out for them to be married, so he can be baptized. Sister Dickson and I are already planning on coming out when they get sealed!

We have recently gotten into a few less actives doors that missionaries have been trying for a long time. It's been so cool to talk to them. Some don't remember anything about the church and some are like I know I need to come back. We have made a goal to always have a member with us or have the lesson in a member's home to help the less active members bond and create friendships. It's is so crazy how willing the less active members are here to meet with the missionaries. I don't remember it being quite like this in NN1. Then again we had way more investigator's to teach. It's such a different area, it's weird how different it is just crossing over one road.

Well I am out of time. Oh how time flies on the mission. Oh I forgot to tell you. It's weird but all the members always guess I'm 23 or 24. I don't know why, it's weird. But I cut my bangs short again and someone told me I look like a little girl. Haha

Love ya!
Sister Talbot

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Don said...

Astelin (at least for me) puts me in a 'zombie' mode whenever I use it...more like a 'drowsy drug' than anything. I quit using it.

Ask to try something different (with less drowsiness additives). I think you'll feel like yourself again.

Zertec or something to that affect might be better.