Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hey hey!

We taught Vader again and he is set to be baptized on March 28th. It's right after transfers, so we are crossing our fingers we can help him to feel confident to move it up a week. Suddenly Ft. Eustis is booming. Well not booming, but way more than the rest of the time I've been here. We have a member referral we are waiting to meet. Supposedly this Sunday... And the senior couple on base, the Delaney's got a referral for us too. It's this man named Ryan who is from Kentucky. He has the sweetest accent ever. He is pretty desperate for religion. He didn't grow up going to church, but he had some bad experiences over in Iraq, so he really wants God in his life. We teach him on Saturday and we are so excited!

We also have 3 primary kids set to be baptized in March as well. One is the daughter of a lady who has recently started coming back to church. The other two belong to a couple that we randomly stopped by once and they were like "we want to come back to church". So they are really excited for their kids to be baptized. I love teaching primary kids. I've taught quite a few in my 5 months, so I hope it continues! They are the funnest to teach hands down.

We had a couple of really nice days and then it got cold again. We were told to expect light snow tonight. VA weather is so weird!

Everything is going really well. We have a mission conference on Friday that we are excited for. It is when half the mission gets together and Pres. Millburn and the assistants teach us for 5 hours. I always love the meetings. I learn so much and get so pumped to do the work. We had a zone meeting last Friday and it was really good as well. Sis. Dickson and I had to role play in front of everyone...I hate doing that! I had to with Sis. Cox and the last mission conference and it was so bad. But this one Sis. Dickson and I did good! I can role play just fine, except when I am in front of a group. Haha

Do ya'll remember that I hated birds? Well I've met someone that hates them more. Meet my comp Sis. Dickson. She runs and hides whenever there are birds near. I hardly ever see them and she's like "there's a big red bird over there." haha anyways!
Love ya!

Sister Talbot

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