Thursday, April 1, 2010

Being a Missionary Rocks!

Working the Salem (VA Beach) area for a few hours!

Ramnine, Sis. Anderson, Sis. Delaney dyeing eggs!

Sis. Anderson and I...trying to get the blooming tree too, but didn't work so well.

Can you guess which one is ours?


How is everything going in AZ? How are the D'Backs doing so far? I don't get any sport reports at all out here. Or weather reports! When they say missionaries are cut off from the world, they aren't kidding at all! People we meet assume we watch the news and talk to us about Pakistan and all this random stuff and we just nod our heads and try and seem like we're on the same page.

I'm excited for Conference this upcoming weekend. We should be to all 4 sessions. We can only go on Saturday if we have less actives, or investigators going. We are supposed to have a handful to all sessions. The soldiers are coming to all 4 sessions and Ramnine is planning on coming to all 4. She is so cool and I love teaching her. She is really progressing well and asks great questions. We taught her the Plan of Salvation while we dyed Easter eggs last night at the Family Home Evening activity. She actually was taught PoS at basic training, so it was more of a review and she remembered a lot of it. I can't remember if I've told you about her or not. She is from Trinidad and moved to NYC as a teenager and got a Master's degree before she joined the military as active duty. She's always wanted to be a drill sargeant. She is 24 too! We are still teaching Nunez on base as well. They will both be there this weekend. In between sessions, the senior couple, the Delaney's will be making food for us. So Sunday we will have Easter dinner in between sessions and then we will go to a member's home after the late session. The sessions here are 12-2 and 4-6. Funny huh?

Last Friday we had a Pinewood Derby. It was for all ages and the only restriction was it couldn't explode. It was so funny. We didn't have any tools, so we made use of the missionary "tools" we have. I'll have to email a picture.

Well I have run out of time again. Oh one more thing...we have been teaching a less active member named Marie Ganthier (from Haiti/NYC) and she has struggled for almost as long as she's been a member with her testimony of Joseph Smith. She went to the Saints Unified Voices fireside and between that, meeting with us, reading, and praying she now has a testimony that Joseph Smith was truly called to be the prophet to restore Christ's church to the earth. It was so awesome to hear that from her! Being a missionary rocks!

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