Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beautiful Virginia

After Conference with the soldiers

My Easter treats from home!

The pollen the day after the wash job

They have huge butterflies everywhere!

Goofy picture of me smelling a flowering tree.

They are everywhere and soooo pretty!

  The flowering trees are sure pretty out here. Pink is the common color. The dogwood trees are blooming and they are white. The wisteria's are purple. I don't actually know what trees are pink, I just know they are everywhere. A lot of people have azalea's as well. It looks so pretty! My allergies are doing just fine. It was a big concern before I came out, but they are just fine if not better than they were in Utah. Sister Anderson has really bad allergies now though. I feel bad, but I'm glad it's not me!

Things are going good here. The area is crazy as always and we are still working consistently with the same people. Ramnine is still my favorite person to teach. She has such a cool accent too. She read Mosiah 12-13 and then we taugh the 10 Commandments last night to her. When we saw her on Sunday she said she was excited for the lesson. She is here until she graduates AIT in July. We are also teaching another person named Nunez. I can't remember if I've mentioned him or not. He is really cool and has a question for everything. He is doing well and I think really enjoys the lessons. He isn't really reading his BoM much, but we got him a military size one, so hopefully that changes and picks up.

Thanks for your prayers and letters. I really appreciate the support and love!
Sister Talbot

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