Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's definitely Spring

How is everyone doing? Things are good here! It's definitely Spring. All the trees are blossoming and getting leaves back! Which of course means POLLEN! Yay, my favorite. Luckily my medicine has been working good enough though. It's pretty funny to go out to our car in the mornings. It always has a nice layer of pollen on it. We don't even park by a flowering treee, but yet...still pollen.

We have been able to teach a great lady lately. Her name in RaeNell and she has been less active for years. She is a returned missionary and still has a testimony, but has let her smoking addiction keep her from coming to church and being active. She really wants to be active again because she still has a great testimony, but of course Satan is telling her she can't because she smokes and yada yada. Basically we told her that right now smoking isn't her problem. She is great. I can't remember if I have told you about her before or not. She went to her family's house for a session of Conference and then she is coming to a lesson with us tonight. It's going to be cool to have her come. She hasn't done anything like that in so long. Once she is back into coming to church and etc. she will kick the smoking. Have I told you the skills I have developed on how to help people quit smoking? It's a great skill to have here in Newport News.

Ramnine did come to all 4 sessions of Conference. She really liked it. She was telling us a little bit more about her family. Some of her ancestors are from India and her dad is Muslim and her mom Hindu. She has a brother that is Jewish, one that is Muslim, and I think a sister that is Christian and the rest I can't remember. Very diverse. She learned about Christianity when she lived on Tobago as a teenager.

Josh Forster...I don't know if I've mentioned him either. He is a part member and grew up in a few different Christian faiths. He's been baptized 7 times! But all it takes is one...and that's where we come in :) He has just been eating up everything we teach and asks great questions. He's progressing really well and understands how the Bible and Book of Mormon work together. He is set to be baptized (with the right authority!) on 29 May (which is when I was baptized FYI). Last week they told us that they are moving :( And to where you ask? NN1!!!! Of course! Haha. We average under 100 each week and NN1 is over 200 because of all the Spanish and RC. Well the 1st Ward is getting a great family. She is pregnant with twins and she just found out what she's having. We'll find out tomorrow when we teach him for maybe the last time. They move Friday and I don't know how long they'll be able to stay in NN2.

Well things are going well. We are having fun and meeting lots of interesting people. Love ya!

Sister Talbot

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