Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fun times in Virginia

At Botanical Gardens with the Duncans...the boys in this pic. Norfolk's theme is mermaids, so there are mermaids all over the city.

Rose garden at the Gardens.


My super cute ring! Thanks Cody, Jen, Ashlyn, Haze, and Rigg!!!!

Thanks mom and dad for the scarf! I love it!

Sister Carbajal and Sister Woodruff holding my birthday whoopie pie.

The cake Sister Shumaker made for velvet

Our cute toes

Picking strawberries in Pongo

Bad picture, but you get the idea. There is a bunch of Talbot stuff in Norfolk. Weird.

Skekaylia's baptism...Her dad is on the end and Elder Shelley baptized her. He is serving in Kempsville, but used to serve here and teach her.

Bro.Maldanado (the man with the glass eye) and his gigantic cake

It's Wednesday again! This week flew by so fast. I sent a bunch of pictures (3 emails), so pictures will say 1000 this week.

We are working with a member named Nicole and she is so cool. She makes wigs and does hair, so she is going to braid us in a fake strip underneath sometime. That's not just why she's cool though. When we first met her she was pretty angry and had a hard heart. By the end of the first meeting she softened up a lot and then the next day she showed up in the church building at the end of Bible Study to tell us she had a break through. It was so cool! Then we went over a few days later for a lesson and to help her pack (she's moving to another place). We shared a 20 minute lesson or so and then when we were done, she's like "that's all?" She wanted us to keep we did! It has been so cool to see her change so much in the few times I've seen her. Her fiance lives there too and so we told her we would help her get the wedding underway and she wants us to be her witnesses. haha, we don't know how that works, but sounds good to me!

We had a dinner and lesson with the Mitchells. They are such a cool couple. They remind me a lot of Cody and Jen actually. Similar personalities. When we were leaving he challenged us to learn to play some hymns on the harmonica. Remember when I wanted to learn how to play for a resolution in 2009...or was it 2008? Oh well. So we are going to try and find some today and learn to play. Haha

On Sunday Shekaylia was sick so she couldn't come to church, but we looked outside right before church started and we see her dad walking up. He came and stayed for 2 hours! He told us he would stay all 3 this Sunday. How cool! We haven't taught him or anything, he just has been showing up. We hope he keeps showing up, so we can teach him.

Memorial Day was fun! The Books (who we live upstairs from) had a block party, so we bbq for dinner. And then immediately went to another members and they had us eat dinner. I was full when we got there. This has been happening a lot to us. We have 2 dinners or we have a big late lunch and then a dinner. Wow, I am getting fat and I don't like it. Well I've really only gained around 10 pounds. Anyways... When we were stopping by an investigator's house we started talking to this group of people down the way and this drunk man kept telling us he needs the message and yada yada. Then he's like you could come over and I could cook you dinner and we can talk. We start laughing and his friends were just like he's ridiculous. Haha, it was a hilarious Memorial Day experience.

Norfolk 2 is doing great. Lots going on and the days are flying by. It's been super humid this week, so the weather of ponytails has begun. It's a good thing my hair is now long enough to rock the ponytail and it not look ugly :)

Well I love you all and hope things are going well. I love being a missionary and am grateful I have a family like you to support me!

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