Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Harmonica playing has begun!

Hola! So the harmonica playing has begun! It's so much fun and I am terrible at it. But we have a good time. We attempted to play Happy Birthday to Sister Jacob who shares a birthday with Neely! We snuck into her room early this morning and left a bunch of balloons for her and then ran back to sleep. It was fun!

We had exchanges this last week for 2 days and I went with Sister Jacob to Norfolk 1st Ward. I really enjoyed it. They cover the downtown area, so that was my first time being in a downtown since Phoenix. I forgot how fun it was to see big buildings up close. Well we didn't get too close. We got sidetracked  doing some tracting :) While on exchanges we taught this man named Ed. They'd been teaching him for a little while, but never taught the Restoration lesson. So we decided that's what we were going to teach him. We had a couple from the ward with us and his son and daughter in law (members) were there as well.

So we were walking up to an appointment and we see this grungy worker man sitting on the back of a truck across the street and as we walk up the house we hear him whistling Called To Serve. Sis. Woodruff was about to knock and I lean over and say, he's whistling a church song. We looked at each other and were like what? Who's he? So of course we go talk to him and found out he "used" to be a member and is an RM. His parents are in our ward actually. It was so random to hear him whistle that. It's such a good song to hear!

Can you believe I am out of time and I have hardly shared everything I wanted to? Lame. But that's how it is. Sorry!!!

But I love you all and am looking forward to your letters.

Love ya,
Sister Talbot

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