Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Norfolk is HOTT!

Norfolk has been HOTT (yes with 2 t's) this week. And super humid. Can you do something about this please? Haha. It's been so hilarious because S. Dunn hates hot weather. We did a service project helping someone pack yesterday and the apt didn't have air in it. We sweated through our clothes. Literally! We went home and we had to hang our clothes to dry. It was so funny. Yesterday made for the first 2 shower day of my mission. What great memories I'll have of this place. But I do feel pretty lucky though. Because we are near the water, we get a little breeze randomly throughout the day. Newport News definitely didn't get many breezes blowing through unless it was a storm. We've enjoyed some pretty nice night storms these last few weeks. My favorite! I've thought a few times how nice it was being in Eagar last summer for those awesome summer rains. Wow, I cannot believe 4th of July is right around the corner. Time is flying by so fast.

Well I didn't make it to Ramnine's baptism :( I was pretty bummed about it, but we had a meeting for stake conference in VA Beach, so there was no way to do it all. But the exciting thing is that she did it! Well I wasn't there, so I think she did :) Stake Conference was really good. In all the meetings they repeated 2 themes. Being prepared for an emergency (could it be hurricane season? haha) and eternal families. Those are excellent topics to speak on and I heard people say this was the best they'd ever been to. Something I never had before my mission was a 72 hour kit. Do you all have one? It's something very wise to have because it's something with the last days that we will realistically use. So if you don't have one... :)

How was Father's Day? What did you all do? We had dinner with a family in the ward. The lady is divorced, so there was no father's celebration. But I thought about you fathers!

We are teaching this man named Stan. He is so cool. He is a retired religious petty officer (RP), so he knows about all religions and faiths pretty much. He's read parts of the Book of Mormon, but never in a spiritual growth sort of way. Yesterday was our 3rd lesson with him and it went so well. The Spirit was strong and I felt it as I was able to share testimony with him. We went with the plan to teach Plan of Salvation, but ended up answering some questions that he came up with during his reading. It was a really neat lesson. He is having jaw surgery today, so his mouth will be wired shut for awhile. He is a talker, so we always joke how that's going to be a good thing. I really have a good feeling about Stan.

We also met this lady who has been less active for most of her membership and grew up JW. She still refers to Heavenly Father as Jehovah, so I am excited to teach her. First order of business...a KJV bible, not a JW bible! Haha

The new comp is working out good. She's a lot different from S. Woodruff, but there is always a transition from comp to comp. I just got an email from Sister Cox. She got home last week. I cannot believe it! She is doing so well it sounds like. I am at the stage of the mission that she was when I got here. I remember her talking about what she was going to do when she got home and all that good stuff. I have NO idea what I'll do, so I doubt I'll be talking about it anytime soon. Haha. I just get confused when I think about it.

Well I love you all and hope all is going well back in AZ. What's it like 75 degrees there now ;) haha

Love ya,
Sister Talbot

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