Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Most Painful Thing Thus far in my Life

So this email will probably be sort of shorter. I hurt the tip of my right pointer finger and it makes typing a little annoying. It isn't a great story really, just that a bungee cord came undone and the metal part whipped my finger. It hurt sooooo bad. I would venture to say the most painful thing thus far in my life. If you're queasy, stop reading...when it hit my finger, blood started coming out from under my fingernail. It was so gross. I've never seen that before! It didn't cut me or anything, but the force just bruised my whole fingertip and it's so swollen. The ridiculous part was that this happened at 10:30pm...when we go to sleep. So we flip on the lights and I'm just a mess because it hurts so bad and our half of the house is sooooo hot. After a while when it just kept getting worse we decided I needed a blessing. Well for a sister to get a blessing in the middle of the night in her apartment it involves waking up like 15 people. The whole order of things for a blessing is a little ridiculous in the middle of the night. But the ward mission leader and the 2nd couns. of the bishopric came finally and gave me a blessing. Bro. McClellan (WML) was telling his wife about it and he was saying that I would probably lose my fingernail and she thought he said I would probably lose my finger! Haha. I guessed she was concerned that meant I would have to go home. No, I am not going to lose my finger. But I may lose my nail. Gross. So finally around 12:30am I got to sleep that night. Sis. Dunn is a trooper and was awake the whole time too. The next day people kept trying to give me ointments and bandages and stuff. Sister Long (who made us the best cheeseburgers ever) wrapped it all up and it made me have a permanent boy scout sign. Haha

So that's my long saga of the night I hurt my finger.

We have been helping this lady Nicole in the ward and her husband pack and move stuff from an apt that has no air. Wow, I didn't know I could sweat so much. Luckily she is moving to a place with air! She is so cool. She is starting to come back to church and she just got married and her husband wants us to teach him. I'm so excited because they are so great! We showed up to help her pack the other day and she was running a little late, so we made a few phone calls. I called this lady Debbie who we are teaching and her son is a member of the ward. She just had back surgery, so we were calling to see how it went and etc. She says "not well, I'm not going to make it." So of course my heart drops and I'm like WHAT? I tried to be positive and then I asked her if she wants a blessing and she does. So we send the EQP and the 1st couns of the bishopric to go give her a blessing. I called her back to let her know they are coming and I decided to ask her what why she thinks she isn't going to make it and try and find out what they doctors were saying. Here's the good part... "I haven't talked to the doctors all day. But they are taking bodies and I'm next." "What do you mean Debbie?" "Well they just hauled the person next to me away and I'm next." So at this point I'm like duh, she is so drugged up she's not thinking straight. Haha. It was so funny to have this conversation. Esp cuz I called the EQP and relayed that she might not make it. Haha. We still get a good laugh out of that one. But the first time I talked to her I was so sad because I thought she really was going to die.

Anyways, here are the funny stories for the week! Enjoy!

Love ya,
Sister Talbot

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